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Homeowners liable for snow and ice control

Whenever it snows, it is common to see shopping center employees and business owners out and about clearing pathways, parking spaces and entrances of snow and ice. But this isnt just good business to help customers get in the door, it is also a liability issue should someone slip, fall and injure themselves. Homeowners, too, face similar, albeit more limited, liability if they fail to take adequate steps to remove such slippery hazards from their property.Generally speaking, homeowners are responsible... read more
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5 tips to create a delicious holiday spread

'Tis the season for entertaining, meaning the hustle and bustle of the holidays are already upon us. Fortunately, being named hostess (or host) with the mostest is well within your reach if you follow these tips guaranteed to keep the holiday cheer flowing throughout this seasons festivities.Get creative with your menu.Look beyond the usual roasts and side dishes...
Pomegranate Rosemary Fizz

Tips and tools for toasting the flavors of the holidays

Chocolate, butterscotch, nutmeg, rosemary, pomegranate, oranges, mulled wine and more — celebrate the flavors of the holidays with creative beverage concoctions. Here are tips and tools for making the most of holiday drinks.* The Capresso froth Control is the first automatic milk frother that accommodates chocolate chips and chunks to create delicious frothy hot chocolate. Traditional hot chocolate...
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4 things you might not know about DIY home security

With the holiday season approaching, you may be thinking about giving your family the gift of home security — especially if you know youll be traveling over the holidays.A growing number of homeowners are turning to do-it-yourself smart home security systems to address their security concerns. Installing your own home security system can be well worth the investment;...
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Desperate deer turn winter into the most dangerous season for pricey landscape plants

Deer can cause major damage to yards in any season, but in winter they can be downright deadly to some of the most expensive backyard landscape plants. When regular foods like leaves, grass and annuals become scarce, deer turn their attention to woody plants, shrubs and trees that stay green in winter, like rhododendron, arborvitaes, yew, holly, and...
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