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Practical meets pretty: Fresh herbs at your fingertips, even in autumn

The end of summer doesnt have to mean the end of your gardening enjoyment, even if you dont have the time or climate for a full plot of food plants. Herbs are perfect fall crops; they are prolific growers, can satisfy your desire for fresh, garden-grown greens and are one of the easiest ways to elevate your recipes from so-so to so good! Plus, theyre ready to harvest and growing your own will make a dent in your grocery bill.The... read more
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Repair or replace? What to do with a worn-out cooling system

Sooner or later, every homeowner will face the same tough decision: Can you repair that malfunctioning system or appliance one more time, or is it finally time to replace it? Summer temperatures can heat up the repair-or-replace debate for homeowners living with an older cooling system.To arrive at an answer, you must weigh numerous factors, including which option...
Young mother plays with baby on living room floor.

Increase comfort and lower energy bills for the warmer months

As the warm weather creeps in and the country heats up, now is the time for homeowners to make sure theyre doing their part to help increase comfort and reduce energy bills.From the exterior to the interior, the consideration of a few simple tips could mean the difference between a summer thats hot and expensive and a season...
Young girl smiling holding cotton candy outdoors at fair

Party themes for a summer bash to remember

When summer party season arrives, your guests will be happy to eat the grilled food you serve and down gallons of iced tea, but will they recall your party after Labor Day? Every good host wants to throw a bash guests will talk about all summer and remember long after the first snowfall. A themed summer party can...
woman mowing the lawn in the backyard

4 easy ways to make your yard an outdoor oasis this summer

Summer is the season when your backyard takes center stage. As warm weather arrives, its time to head outdoors and create a beautiful and lush outdoor space that you can enjoy all season long.Its no secret that backyards are the best place to spend time with family and friends in the summer months, says Chris Lambton, yard and...
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