close-up of woman mopping hardwood

5 fast shortcuts to make your house sparkle

We all know that one person who just adores cleaning. But for the rest of us, it's a necessary evil that gets old very quickly!Before you tackle that long list of spring cleaning tasks, try some of these cleaning hacks designed to make these chores faster and easier. When cleaning is fun and even effortless, youll feel more energized and gain the momentum you need to knock out your list of chores. Afterward, your house will sparkle from top to... read more
Perfect lawn in beautiful backyard

Check off your backyard bucket list: seed, weed and feed

From Sunday picnics and impromptu barbecues to games of catch, make your lawn center stage this spring. Everyone longs for a lush, green lawn, but many homeowners arent sure how to achieve it. In fact, although 81 percent of Americans do their own lawn care, 69 percent say their lawns could be better, and nearly a third arent...
do it yourselfer securing artwork on a frame with a staple gun

5 spring DIY craft projects to make old stuff new again

Spring isn’t just the season to clean out old junk from your home, it’s also the perfect time to tackle some DIY craft projects that repurpose household items and give them new life. Repurposing, or “upcycling,” is one of the hottest trends in home decor and design for 2017, according to online DIY community Before you throw...
peeps in the bottom of a vase with jellybeans and flowers

5 fun ways to decorate for spring

Spring is the perfect time to shake things up with your home decor. As Mother Nature transforms her landscape with fresh buds and blooms, youre probably longing to refresh your home, too. These five easy craft projects are perfect family activities and the results will add touches of springtime throughout the house.Rain boot wreathDo you have a pair...
family of four dressed up in winter outdoor clothes watching TV in the their living room

5 tips to keep your home warm, cozy and protected this winter

Winter is a harsh and cold season that can be terribly straining on homes, causing costly and inconvenient breakdowns, especially to plumbing and heating systems.Home experts recommend homeowners pay attention to the little things to avoid bigger problems from developing. Taking simple steps, such as having your systems serviced each season, can help safeguard appliances and systems and...
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