Watkins food coloring and starcookies cut out of sugar dough

Bake up your best batch of holiday cookies yet with these pro tips

It's the time of year when home bakers shift into high gear, creating delicious cookies to share with family, holiday parties or cookie swaps. Some bakers dare to experiment with new recipes, while others stick with old favorites. Yet, even the tried-and-true recipes dont always turn out right.Experienced bakers know how to achieve perfect cookies every time. But don't worry! Theres no need to buy high-priced equipment or enroll in culinary school. All you need are simple tools, practical know-how... read more
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5 ways to prevent the spread of MRSA at home and on-the-go

As we head into the winter months, we tend to be in closer quarters indoors and constantly around friends and family. It is important to be conscious of infectious diseases, such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which are spreading rapidly among public places like gyms and schools. MRSA prevention should continue at home, especially for groups at higher...
Young Asian woman checks her cell phone at night outside in a holiday setting.

Consumers go phygital this holiday season

For those who can’t go home for the holidays, sending loved ones a text or social media shout out may be a sufficient alternative to celebrating in-person. Bank of America’s Trends in Consumer Mobility Report, which explores timely mobile trends and forward-looking behaviors, shows that the line between the physical and digital is blurring. Americans are getting more comfortable...
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Cold brew coffee: How to enjoy this top 2019 food trend at home

Cold brew coffee is popping up everywhere, poised to be a top food trend in the new year. You may have seen it on the menu of your favorite coffeehouse or in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store, but what exactly is cold brew coffee, and why are people raving about it?Cold brew 101Cold brew coffee...
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