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Prevent these 4 winter home problems now

When you start feeling those first hints of winter, the instinct to get ready kicks in. You may dig out your cars snow brush, blanket, shovel and winter survival kit and place them in the trunk of your car. The winter coats and boots come out of storage, and you may pick up some extra mittens.But what do you do to protect your house against the hazards of winter? If you dont take time for maintenance and winterization now, you... read more
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A guide to getting your home and yard winter-ready

As the winter months approach, theres much to anticipate: hot drinks, football games and getting cozy on those long, chilly nights. While homeowners can enjoy the comfort of the indoors, its still important to ensure their property is well prepared — inside and out — for chillier temperatures, ice or snow during the fall and winter seasons.Use this...
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Avoid chilling accidents by winterizing your home

Winter will be here before you know it. The season has a way of sneaking up on you and before you realize youre not ready, the first chilling breezes have already arrived.Begin with winterizing your home now to ensure you're prepared for the season. Apply the following tips and your home will be winter ready in no time.*...
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Bring hygge into your home for comfort and contentment

Last year, the Scandinavian concept of Hygge took the interior design stage by storm with people around the world flocking to buy cozy blankets and sheepskin throws. This year, Noa Santos, interior co-founder of interior design company Homepolish says that hygge has experienced a rebirth and visually has become the elevated, bolder enhancement of last years concept. Its...
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Fabulous Fall Flavors: Why Autumn is ideal for gardening, plus timely tips for success

For any gardener, fall is bittersweet. The exuberance of summers bounty has started to fade, while cooler nights and less daylight signal the approach of cold, dark winter.However, theres still plenty of time to savor some of the gardens best flavors before you close your door on the season. In fact, now is the perfect time to plant...
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