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Say goodbye to winter blues with vitamin D-rich foods

Winter got you down? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is estimated to affect 10 million Americans, according to Psychology Today. Another 10 percent to 20 percent may have mild SAD.Even if you don't have diagnosed SAD, it's not uncommon to have bouts of the winter blues. There are many reasons people experience a "winter funk:" cold weather, little sunlight, shorter days, limited outdoor activity, etc.Additionally, between the months of November and March, the lack of vitamin D absorption from the sun... read more

A nutty addition to your cocktail party

When hosting a cocktail party, your snacks and hors doeuvres make just as much of an impact as the drinks. To ensure your guests' delight, check out the below pistachio-inspired craft cocktails from the best mixologists around the world. Each pairs well with our favorite green nut. Cocktails and pistachios … what more could you ask for?1. For...
salsa in a bowl

3 easy ways to revamp the go-to chip and dip

Savvy hosts and hostesses know that the keys to a successful holiday soiree are when the room is filled with laughter and guests leave satisfied from all the yummy treats served. If youre hosting a holiday get together or special event with friends and family, impress and delight your guests with fresh, new takes on the classic foods...
cherry pie

6 healthy reasons to enjoy a slice of sweet cherry pie this holiday season

The holidays are just around the corner, and for most of us that means time to indulge in some favorite treats. Fortunately, healthy doesnt have to mean less delicious! If youre looking for a good-for-you holiday dessert that can please even the most critical sweet tooth, a naturally sweet cherry pie could be just the ticket. You can...
Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

5 nutritionist-approved tips for better holiday baking

Tis the season for sweet and savory treats. The holidays bring loads of goodies, but the problem is these temptations can put a big strain on your nutrition goals.If youre whipping up some tasty holiday dishes this season, you don't have to choose between your health and favorite indulgences. Transform any recipe into a healthier version simply by...
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