chicken nuggets on a plate with ketchup

Sneaky ways to get your kids eating healthier

Every parent knows it can be a challenge to get kids to eat healthy foods. Serving piles of vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins might be our goal, but it might not guarantee that children will actually eat them.Registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner offers tips for upping the nutrients in family meals without your kids suspecting a thing.Pack the meatloaf with vegetables. If meatloaf is a family favorite, youre in luck. Its easy to add finely grated vegetables like carrots... read more
friends enjoying champagne at a red-carpet awards party at home

How to throw a red-carpet awards party to remember at home

The red carpet, the gold statues and the glamour of Hollywood make awards night a beloved experience for people across the country. Sharing in the movie magic with friends and family can make the excitement that much more fun, so on Feb. 24, consider hosting a red carpet viewing party at home.To bring out the essence of Hollywood...
banana nut bread on a board with sliced bananas

6 Reasons Why You Need More Bananas in Your Life

Bananas are a tasty snack that many people eat regularly without much thought, but there's more to the iconic yellow fruit than just its convenience and color. Bananas are a superfood loaded with nutrients and have been enjoyed worldwide for hundreds of years. In fact, there are many reasons to consider eating more bananas.Versatility: Bananas are one of...
breakfast bowl made with muuna yogurt apples, blueberries and almonds

Facts and tips about protein every expecting and nursing mom should know

Eating for two? One critical thing pregnant women and new moms alike need to focus on is maintaining an adequate level of dietary protein, says registered dietitian Melissa Rifkin.As a rule of thumb, pregnant women should aim for 70 to 100 grams of protein a day, which in many cases would amount to 20 to 25 percent of...
minestrone soup

4 simple tips to satisfy your comfort food cravings

After a long day, digging into a hearty pasta dish or a piping hot bowl of soup can fill you with warmth and coziness — especially on those chilly days.The good news is that comfort foods dont have to be unhealthy or take a lot of time to make. We can still enjoy the rich, flavorful options that...
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