Watkins food coloring and starcookies cut out of sugar dough

5 simple tips for the best batch of cookies

Sharing a fresh batch of cookies with family and friends is the perfect way to warm up a wintry day. Some bakers dare to experiment with new recipes, while others stick with old favorites. Yet, even the tried-and-true recipes dont always turn out right.Experienced bakers know how to achieve perfect cookies every time. But don't worry! Theres no need to buy high-priced equipment or enroll in culinary school. All you need are simple tools, practical know-how and the best tasting,... read more
Mandarin Orange & Jalapeno 4-Bean Salad

6 best foods to donate to food banks

Donating to local food banks is one way to ensure that everyone in your community feels the warmth this winter. With this mission in mind, Dole Packaged Foods launched its Let Sunshine In, Drive Hunger Out hunger relief campaign, in partnership with Kroger and American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. You can participate by adding a few much-needed supplies...
Pumpkin-Cake with serving plates and silverwear

Holiday classics with a kidney-friendly twist

The holidays call for nostalgic classics that are timeless and tasteful. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) should not stop those affected from indulging in what brings us all together: good food. The following kidney-friendly holiday menu may be enjoyed by anyone and help those with CKD stay on track with nutritional guidelines to help manage kidney health. Visit
vanilla pudding

5 effortless, no-bake holiday desserts

It’s your fifth holiday party this season and, yet again, you were asked to make a dessert. This time of year, your calendar fills up quickly and it seems like you need to bring a treat every time you leave your house. But that doesn’t mean you need to turn on your oven.From turkey and sweet potatoes to...
hot coffee on a cup by a laptop on a desk with a pod next to the cup

Cold brew coffee: How to enjoy this top 2019 food trend at home

Cold brew coffee is popping up everywhere, poised to be a top food trend in the new year. You may have seen it on the menu of your favorite coffeehouse or in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store, but what exactly is cold brew coffee, and why are people raving about it?Cold brew 101Cold brew coffee...
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