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5 tips to make family mealtimes more mindful

The hectic workday is over. As you pull into your driveway, you feel relief because youve finally escaped the cranky co-workers, the deadlines and traffic jams. Now you can spend the next few hours relaxing at home with your family. What better way to enjoy this time than with a delicious meal together?Sometimes, the lingering stress can be hard to shake, especially if youre in a rush to get dinner on the table. You can shed your stress and make... read more
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Want to lose weight? Research proves a big breakfast is the first step

If you want to lose weight, you're not alone. More than half of Americans desire to shed pounds, according to Gallup. This goal inspires people to take action in many ways, from increasing exercise to modifying meals.One thing many people do is skip breakfast in order to lower calorie intake. While this may seem like a good idea...
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Age ferociously with this eating game plan

A healthy diet and lifestyle are our best weapons against age-related diseases, and for staying healthy and active throughout life.Becci Twombley is sports dietitian for USC Athletics and Angels Baseball, overseeing the nutrition of 650 collegiate athletes and the 200 MLB and minor league baseball players within the Angels organization. The healthy practices she employs to keep her...
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A celebrity chef's secrets to building a better sandwich

A great sandwich is a delicious meal choice, which could be why about 60 percent of American adults eat at least one for lunch every week and 70 percent pack one or more in their childrens lunches, according to food industry trend-watching company Datassential. In fact, sandwiches are so popular and so common that at some point in...
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Fighting the morning clock? 9 no-fail ways to get out the door on time

As the sun shines through the curtains, you hit the snooze button again. Suddenly you bolt up, realizing you're running late. You skip breakfast, grab your bag and rush out the door. Stress levels skyrocket and your day has barely begun.The race against the clock at the start of the day is a common problem. Mornings shouldn't be...
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