Eating healthy has never been more delicious

Yoga mats, kale salads, fitness trackers, standing desks and gym memberships. It seems like everywhere you look, people are taking strides to get healthier. And with good reason.In the U.S., 37.9 percent of adults aged 20 and older suffer from obesity, and heart disease accounts for one out of every four deaths. Despite these harrowing numbers, many people have difficulty embracing a heart-healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to food.Part of the reason for this is that too often people... read more
Shelled pistachios on a dark wood surface.

New research calls pistachios superfood for people with desk jobs

Recent research is giving the 86 percent of Americans who sit all day at their jobs new reasons to reach for a handful of nuts while at work, and in particular, pistachios. Adding to an increasing volume of research around the health benefits of pistachios, one study and a national survey in the U.S. suggest a snack of...
assortment of teas arranged with flowers on a counter in a kitchen

5 tips from a tea expert to brew the perfect cup

For most of us, a little evening downtime is not a luxury — its a necessity. After a hectic day of work, commutes, kids and dinner prep, we deserve to take a moment to slow down and enjoy some hard-earned me time.Instead of using this time to stream your favorite show or scroll through social media, try a...
breakfast sushi

3 formerly misunderstood foods now a part of a well-balanced diet

Throughout history, misconceptions, misinformation and popular culture have influenced Americans' eating habits. Many foods that were previously eaten daily are now considered unhealthy. Conversely, some foods that were thought to be bad for you, are now considered nutritious.Nutrition is exciting. Just about every day there is new research about how certain foods work in our body," says Registered...
On The Go Potatoes overhead food shot

Start the year strong with this high-performance vegetable

Chasing a place on the podium isnt possible without the proper fuel for your body. Whether youre going for the gold or just passing the pigskin in honor of the big game, athletes and amateurs alike need the right combination of nutrients to take on their training, and sports nutritionists across the nation are recommending one vegetable in...
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