Deer in wooded backyard.

Natural ways to keep roses radiant this season

Warm weather welcomes flowerbeds, gardens burst with color and fragrance, and in many yards, roses are the stars of the show. They’re the most popular and prized flower in American gardens, one of the most-beloved flowers for weddings, and staples of Valentine’s and Mother’s Day bouquets. Americans love their roses — and so do a host of harmful pests, including Japanese beetles, aphids, mites among other insects, and let’s not forget about deer.Pests can cause a great deal of damage... read more
two girls pulling tomatoes off of a potted tomato plant

7 reasons why millennials love gardening (and you should, too)

The stereotype: Millennials spend more time interacting with the digital world than the natural world around them. The reality: Five million of the 6 million people who took up gardening in 2015 were millennials, according to the 2016 National Gardening Survey.More millennials (people between the ages of 21 and 34) than any other age group are falling in...
woman relaxing in an inflatable toucan in a swimming pool

Inflatables 101: Tips for choosing the perfect pool float

Visit any retailers pool aisle or website, and youll quickly realize a challenge your parents and grandparents never had to face — more pool inflatables to choose from than you could ever imagine. Whether youre shopping for a larger-than-life float island or something to help keep your non-swimming little one safer in the pool, the sheer range of...
In-ground swimming pool installed in backyard

Best way to maximize space for your swimming pool installation

<p>You don&rsquo;t need to have a vast and picturesque backyard to be able to move forward with a <strong>swimming pool installation</strong>. While open spaces definitely increase your options and give you a clean slate to work with, you shouldn&rsquo;t give up on your swimming pool dreams if you have a cramped backyard. There are tips and tricks that...
Couple storing their patio furniture

Storing patio furniture

<p>The pool isn't the only part of your outdoor oasis that needs to prepare for the changing weather. As the temperatures drop and the snow comes falling down, the whole pool area needs to be prepared so each new season is as good as the last.</p> <p>The patio furniture by the pool needs to be winterized as well as...
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