man walking with dish for TV at tailgating party

Big game tailgating tips for mobile viewers

Tailgating warriors range from the most serious of fans to the folks that dont quite manage to get in the gates for that championship game. These fans can now watch the big game from that very tailgate.Gridiron battles and ballpark miracles generate cherished memories. From the days of listening to the score updates of conference rivals via AM radio, to trying desperately to get that connection on a smartphone to follow live streaming, the interest in the games youre not... read more
homeowner dealing with a snow storm using a greenworks blower

Steps for homeowners dealing with ice or snowstorms

Are you ready if a blizzard hit tomorrow? While smaller snowstorms certainly create a level of frustration for homeowners, large storms require preparation to stay safe and comfortable. Families don’t want to be caught off guard in the event of a large snowstorm. Finding yourself unprepared and without power can be a dangerous predicament.A loss of power can...
beautiful exterior porch with firplace and open areas to outside deck.

Top exterior trends to inspire your 2019 home projects

Thinking of adding a deck? How about replacing the tired, worn siding on your house? Now that the weather is colder, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a hot beverage and start planning your 2019 home projects so you can nail the budget and settle on the look you’re after.“Updating your home’s exterior can make an...
Trex decking with furniture and railing

5 questions to answer when considering a new deck

When planning a deck project, choosing the right material is key to the enjoyment and value you’ll get from your outdoor living space. Today, there are more choices in decking materials than ever before, including high-performance composites, which are increasingly replacing wood in backyards across the country.As you weigh your options, here are answers to some of the...
dear on back legs standing in the woods

Oh, deer! Keep hungry herbivores on the move with a year-round spray protection program

Few sights make homeowners more furious than an attractive landscape destroyed virtually overnight by hungry deer. Rose bushes and ornamentals? Nipped off every bud. Expensive shrubs? Browsed within an inch of their lives. Trees? Damaged, disfigured and sometimes dead.Deer — and their wilder relatives, moose and elk — usually leave a path of destruction in their wake, and...
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