kids getting popcprn from an outdoor popcorn maker

5 easy projects to get the whole family outside

Want to get the kids away from screens and outside for some fresh air? Many outdoor projects will not only lure your whole family outdoors once the jobs are completed, but the family may actually want to help you.Here are five ideas for outdoor projects everyone will love.1. Make a backyard movie theaterWho wouldnt love watching movies under the stars? Youll need a DVD projector and a large screen. You can use a large drop cloth or blackout cloth stretched... read more
kid playing on playground equipment

Inclusive playgrounds: How play helps all children learn

What do children learn through play? Play helps children grow and learn — how they move, how their muscles work, their tactile senses, vision and hearing, all develop as they play. And physical learning contributes to cognitive development, as children hone their motor skills and spatial perception. Swiss child psychologist Jean Piaget famously wrote, "Play is the work...
Man walking on sidewalk near flowers and grass

Don’t let summer pests bug you

Summer activities like hiking, camping, picnics and barbecues are all fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors. But spending more time outside can lead to mosquito and tick bites, and the potential for bringing these pests inside the home and putting families at risk for insect-borne diseases.According to the CDC, cases of disease pathogens transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes...
person loading spreader with Preen weed control

Expert lawn-care tips for a weed-free yard

Whether it's splotched, patchy or completely covered, a lawn choked with weeds can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to transform an awful lawn into your dream lawn — thick, green and weed-free.What is a weed?Any plant that is unwanted is considered a weed. Many plants earn their weedy reputation because of...
family camping a toasting marshmallows over a fire

6 ways to get "s'more" outdoor fun during the short summer season

Now that summer is here, for many, it seems opportunities to savor those sun-drenched days and starry nights are all too limited. Events and activities are already stacking up on the calendar, and its almost as if the season is over before it begins.It's not just you whos feeling the summer squeeze. Four in five Americans (83%) agree...
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