Laundry room with tons of cabinets

Upping your laundry room's wow factor

Doing the laundry is no longer relegated to dark, musty basements where no one cares to go. Thanks to modern technology, great design and access to innovative ideas online, laundry rooms have moved upstairs and come into their own. In fact, laundry rooms today are right up there with dream kitchens and dream bathrooms — and the more style, function and wow factor, the better.Laundry rooms are no longer just utilitarian, said Anitra Mecadon, TV personality and award-winning interior designer.... read more
family playing football in the back yard

3 important areas to focus on when winterizing your home

From the holidays to cold-weather fun like ice skating and skiing, winter promises its share of good times. Preparing your home for winters weather extremes can help ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of the season, while protecting your homes vital systems and indoor comfort.Winter weather can take a toll on homes, so its important to...
man working on furnace

It's time: Signs your heating system needs a tune-up

Temperatures are falling, pumpkin spice everything has reappeared and stores have already put out holiday displays — all signs that winter is either on the way, or already here, depending on where you live. If you havent already had your heating system tuned up, now is the time.Neglect is a top cause of heating system inefficiency and failure,...
person using great stuff to seal around a door frame.

5 Effortless DIY Projects to Prep Your Home for Fall -- and Beyond

The telltale signs are all there. Maybe its football season, the changing color of the trees right outside your door, or the crisp morning air thats suddenly taken on a chill. Yes, theres no denying it, fall is here and winter is quickly following behind.No matter where you live in the country, the colder months are synonymous with...
monitor on a table near stuffed animage and plant

Emergency preparedness 101: Know how to protect your family against carbon monoxide poisoning

Few areas of the country are immune to natural disasters or severe weather. Whether you live in a hurricane zone or face icy winters, it is important to prepare your home and family to weather the storm and know the potential health and safety risks that may arise in emergency situations.Beyond inconvenience, widespread and long-term power outages resulting...
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