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6 tips to beat the heat and save energy this summer

Do you feel like you’re spending more money on utilities? Social distancing and quarantining at home throughout spring and early summer may mean higher electricity needs and cooling demands. According to research reported in Renewable Energy World, energy bills showed an increase of roughly 20% in the month of March 2020 as opposed to March 2019, the first month of quarantine for many areas across the United States. Considering these numbers are from a time when weather is more temperate nationwide,... read more

Simple solutions to create a modern home oasis

When people think of modern homes, many picture classic floor-to-ceiling glass windows, white rooms and contemporary furniture. The reality is, adding modern touches to your home does not require a rebuild, a huge investment or a blank space. A few design tips and simple swaps can transform your existing space into an updated, modern oasis. Embrace clutter-free living areas According...

How to keep your cool all summer long

With summer comes plenty of sunshine, and with it lots of heat — sometimes more than you enjoy. Are you lacking central air conditioning in your place? Don't sweat it. There are many easy things you can do to help keep yourself and your whole family cool as the summer starts to heat up. Here are a few tips...

4 smart steps to manage cat allergens at home

As millions of Americans spend unprecedented amounts of time at home, it also means spending unprecedented amounts of time with their pets. And for cat owners who have sensitivities to cat allergens, this can create unforeseen challenges. According to a recent study by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute and Purina Pro Plan, three in four cat owners say...
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