woman using a vacuum to clean the top of picture frame

Essential maintenance tasks to keep a clean home happening

Todays typical family home is a buzzing hub of activity where meals are cooked, homework is done and family game nights are contested. In the background of it all: the home appliances that keep home life moving along. Focusing on a few maintenance tasks can keep home appliances performing efficiently and effectively.Maintain toolsKeep appliances and cleaning tools running well so they continue to get the job done. Replace vacuum belts periodically to keep your vacuum cleaner running like new, and... read more
woman sitting on a sofa in a living room

Home cleaning routines for allergy relief

Many people turn to nasal sprays and antihistamines to combat seasonal nasal allergies or hay fever, but keeping the home clean to combat allergens, pollen and dust mite debris is just as important in the fight against allergies.Vacuum often, and with the right filters and bagsOne key to minimizing allergens at home is to vacuum at least twice...
beautiful holiday table

Tips for setting the perfect holiday table

Every holiday season, you invest hours planning and preparing the perfect menu for each celebration you host. While easy and fun may be the name of the game for buffet-style events, when its a sit-down soiree, the delightful cuisine you produce deserves a presentation worthy of your efforts. A beautifully set table can elevate your holiday dinner from...
close  up of woman cleaning floor

5 tips to clean your home - and save the planet

Log onto almost any news website and in just a few clicks youll probably come across some story about the environment. Whether it involves international agreements, alternative energy sources or fuel-efficient cars, the discussion is often abstract and far removed from our everyday lives.Consumers want to know what they can do and how they can contribute to making...
sliding doors in a house leading to sitting room

Raising the bar(n) in your home: Say hello to a barn door this winter

Amid the many trends ebbing and flowing through home improvement, one in particular seems likely to stick around. Known for their versatility, barn doors have been popping up in homes across the country — in contemporary and rustic designs. With this design element found on such opposite sides of the style spectrum, one might wonder what it is...
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