dear eating tree in the woods

Desperate deer turn winter into the most dangerous season for pricey landscape plants

Deer can cause major damage to yards in any season, but in winter they can be downright deadly to some of the most expensive backyard landscape plants. When regular foods like leaves, grass and annuals become scarce, deer turn their attention to woody plants, shrubs and trees that stay green in winter, like rhododendron, arborvitaes, yew, holly, and those that lose their leaves, like oak, willow and dogwood trees. Deer will tear away at the lower leaves and branches of... read more
man winterizing lawn mower

Your 7-step process to winterizing your lawn-care equipment

Winter is coming and that means the end of another season of yardwork. This also means its time once again to store your tools and prepare them to endure the winter months ahead.These tools have been good to you all season so its time to return the favor and follow the seven simple steps below to effectively store...
concrete fire pit

Build a classic concrete fire pit with a modern look

Getting your backyard ready to entertain during the fall and winter months can take many forms. One popular outdoor trend is the addition of a fire pit. This trend seems to resurface every year for a variety of reasons. For some, a fire pit provides the perfect area for gathering family and friends on chilly nights. For others,...
woman power washing stone

5 strategies to embrace a green lifestyle

Going green: Its more than an idea — its a fundamental change you make to support the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. In making this change, you probably started with the small stuff. You turn the lights off when youre not in the room, unplug devices that arent in use and adjust your thermostat regularly, but you...
mother and baby snuggling in bed

Bringing sustainability home is as easy as ABC

With 67 percent of consumers from across the globe preferring products from sustainable sources, according to a recent Nielsen survey, creating a more sustainable home is the new normal. From buying down and feather products to repairing leaky pipes, making your home more sustainable is as easy as the ABCs. Here are three small ways you can make...
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