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Easy steps to get your lawn ready for spring

After a long, cold winter, youre certainly ready for summer. But is your lawn? The snow and bitter temps may have wreaked havoc on your yard, but now that warmer weather has arrived, its time to tackle those small projects that can add up to a beautiful lawn.Here are five tips you can use to make your lawn and yard everything it can be this season.* Reseed bare patches in your lawn. A fabulous lawn is one devoid of bald... read more
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Want to catch homebuyers' eyes? Follow 5 easy steps to a lush lawn

When it comes to selling a home there are many different strategies and most of them focus on the home's interior. However, what many sellers fail to realize is that it's the exterior of the home that often makes or breaks a sale.Curb appeal is necessary for that vital first impression. Much of a buyer's opinion about a...
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4 easy ways to make your yard an outdoor oasis this summer

Summer is the season when your backyard takes center stage. As warm weather arrives, its time to head outdoors and create a beautiful and lush outdoor space that you can enjoy all season long.Its no secret that backyards are the best place to spend time with family and friends in the summer months, says Chris Lambton, yard and...
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Easy breezy: 5 ways to make summer lawn care projects easier

Summer is here and your lawn is a source of pride. However, it can also be a source of hard work, sweat and even frustration. So ask yourself this question: Would you be interested in maintaining your yard's beauty with fewer headaches?If the answer is yes, then youre in luck, because this article is all about helping you...
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Cool deck time fun in the summer sun: 3 tips to beat the heat

During the winter months, many people eagerly anticipate the sunny days of summer. But, when summer rolls around, these same people are often busy looking for ways to cool off.Getting outside on the deck or porch is an ideal way to relax and escape stifling indoor heat for many Americans. To make sure your outdoor living retreat is...
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