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5 spring remodeling projects sure to brighten your home

During the coldest months of the year, its hard not to think about the warmer months to come — and all that they hold. You may already be planning your next vacation or outdoor activities to host in your backyard this summer. Now is the time to brainstorm about your spring home remodeling projects that can add enjoyment and value to your humble abode.Home remodeling projects on the riseAs the U.S. economy continues to strengthen, home improvement project investment by... read more
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Think spring: Tips to find and grow your relationship with a landscape professional

The weather outside is frightful, and the week ahead calls for falling temperatures, maybe even snow. That makes it easy to dream of warmer spring weather, but to plan for it? To sit and strategize for making the most of next years lawn and landscape projects? That seems like no small feat.It doesnt have to be.The good news...
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Hurricanes harm birds, too: What you can do to help your backyard birds

Americans in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico suffered through devastating hurricanes this year, and they werent alone in their desolation — Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria also caused unparalleled upheaval for wildlife, including bird populations. Many nature experts are worried about the long-term impact the horrific storms will have on migratory birds, from reducing the amount of food...
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Desperate deer turn winter into the most dangerous season for pricey landscape plants

Deer can cause major damage to yards in any season, but in winter they can be downright deadly to some of the most expensive backyard landscape plants.When regular foods like leaves, grass and annuals become scarce, deer turn their attention to woody plants, shrubs and trees that stay green in winter, like rhododendron, arborvitaes, yew, holly, and those...
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Your 7-step process to winterizing your lawn-care equipment

Winter is coming and that means the end of another season of yardwork. This also means its time once again to store your tools and prepare them to endure the winter months ahead.These tools have been good to you all season so its time to return the favor and follow the seven simple steps below to effectively store...
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