Hand feeling real grass

Back to basics: The importance of real grass

Well-maintained outdoor spaces increase curb appeal and can bolster property values. They inspire kids imaginations and support healthy play. They make a homegrown neighborhood hangout, ideal for spending time together.Whether youre a first-time homeowner or looking for ways to improve your lawn maintenance skills, RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) is sharing the benefits of real grass, and why you should grow some, too:Healthy kids need healthy outdoor spaces to playNothing brings loved ones together like a grass yard.... read more
mother hleping daughter wash her hands in the kitchen sink while dad and younger brother look on

3 questions to ask when looking for your new HVAC unit

If you subscribe to the belief that your home is your castle, then you naturally expect to be comfortable in that castle, right? Whether its the middle of winter or the dog days of summer, your homes HVAC system plays a vital role in supporting this comfort, so if youre in the market for a new system, here...
basket full of wonderfu garden vegetables

Fabulous Fall Flavors: Why Autumn is ideal for gardening, plus timely tips for success

For any gardener, fall is bittersweet. The exuberance of summers bounty has started to fade, while cooler nights and less daylight signal the approach of cold, dark winter.However, theres still plenty of time to savor some of the gardens best flavors before you close your door on the season. In fact, now is the perfect time to plant...
man using a spreader on the lawn

Fall maintenance tips for a lush green lawn next spring

The days are getting shorter and the nights are cooling off. The kids are back in school. Yes, fall is in the air, and that means its time to start thinking about prepping your lawn for winter.Many homeowners see spring as the most critical season for lawn care, says Bryan Ostlund, executive director of Grass Seed USA, a...
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5 yard updates you can complete in a fall weekend

If you love spending time in your yard, the end of summer can mark a period of sadness thinking about the colder temperatures and shorter days you must endure before getting back outside.One sure cure for the blues is looking forward to something fun. Get a head start on spring and use the time now to complete a...
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