two woman hanging blinds

Tips to tackle 5 of the most satisfying DIY projects

Whats your favorite DIY project youve ever completed? Chances are the answer pops right into your mind, and even if youve completed hundreds of DIY projects over the years, you probably have some that truly stand out.For those that werent at the top of your list, maybe the result wasnt what you hoped for, the project wasnt particularly rewarding or youve done it before.The following five projects might be new to your list, but they are sure to improve your... read more
couple painting a staircase in their home

5 musts for a low-stress, on-budget DIY home project

Owning your own home is a life accomplishment for many adults, and keeping it looking sharp and adding your personal touches brings a sense of pride. It seems there are always things you want to improve, so dont let a limited budget or lack of know-how hold you back from dreaming. There are plenty of ways to enhance...
Woman washing grapes in a sink

Minor and major projects that can recreate your kitchen

As the hub of activity in a home, the kitchen serves many purposes: meal prep base, dining area, family gathering place, celebration zone, and entertainment center, to name a few. Does your high-use, heart-of-the-home kitchen meet the challenges and needs of your family life?If not, then its time for a renovation. A kitchen remodel can be inspired by...
fish at store in a display case

How to keep your seafood wild

Every day, consumers are bombarded with buzzwords when selecting groceries — natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and so on. Coupled with news headlines about the environmental impacts of growing, raising and catching food, its no wonder many of us are becoming more confused about which choices are right for our diets, our budgets and the environment. And nowhere is...
man with flashlight looking under the sink in a kitchen

The secret places pests are hiding in your home

Pests can be hiding just about everywhere — whether you can see them or not. When you know where to look, there are preventative measures you can take to help avoid a pest infestation problem in your home. Terminix shares details on the unexpected, secret places pests can be hiding.Sinks and drains One often overlooked area is the...
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