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Shared housework may be the true language of love, survey says

The key to a better relationship may not be in long walks on the beach or romantic dinners, it may actually be in discovering how your partner values chores. According to recent studies, chores have a direct impact on relationships more than previously thought.For example, a recent survey of 1,000 Americans age 18 and older, commissioned by home appliance leader LG Electronics, found 58 percent believe someone whos good at chores, like folding sheets, is also more likely to be... read more
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Tricks to customize a kitchen on a budget

Who wouldnt want a kitchen customized to meet their specific tastes and needs? A complete kitchen renovation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you dont have to spend a bundle to achieve a custom effect. A few modest investments can help make your kitchen work well and look great.Here are ways to affordably customize your kitchen:Get...

Tips to turn the kitchen sink into a beautiful, functional focal point

When youre updating a kitchen, its time to ignore that old adage everything but the kitchen sink. Many homeowners dont think about replacing their kitchen sink unless its broken, ancient or theyre upgrading countertops. However, the sink has the potential to be the perfect focal point of beauty and functionality in any kitchen.Whether youre undertaking a full kitchen...
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Upcoming home improvement? How to navigate big purchases and make wise decisions

Are you planning an upcoming home improvement? If so, you are not alone.Higher-than-average renovation spending is expected in 2017, according to a leading consumer magazine, with more than half of homeowners planning to spend money on home improvements throughout the year.From upgrading appliances to gutting entire rooms, big projects can have a big impact on a home and...
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6 must-know kitchen and bathroom design trends

Many homeowners today wonder how they can turn their bathrooms or kitchens into something worthy of making the rounds on Pinterest or Instagram. As more people want to give their home a personal and stylish touch, home decorating and interior design is hotter than ever, and the possibilities are seemingly limitless.The only problem is that making up your...
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