winter scene mural on wall in office

4 DIY projects to improve the visual appeal of your home

If you love a good DIY project, then the beautiful weather of the spring and summer marked the perfect time to tackle all of your outdoor goals. Yes, these were the good times, but since then, the weather has shifted and cooler temperatures have arrived. So, is now the time to shelve your DIY aspirations for the rest of the year?Hardly.Colder outdoor temperatures may have forced you indoors, but they dont have to mark an end to your DIY pursuits.... read more
woman using a vacuum to clean the top of picture frame

Essential maintenance tasks to keep a clean home happening

Todays typical family home is a buzzing hub of activity where meals are cooked, homework is done and family game nights are contested. In the background of it all: the home appliances that keep home life moving along. Focusing on a few maintenance tasks can keep home appliances performing efficiently and effectively.Maintain toolsKeep appliances and cleaning tools running...
woman washing dish in huge sink with exceptional faucet

Increase kitchen efficiency with ease

As the holiday season approaches and the calendar begins to populate, its important not to allow the stress of entertaining large groups to become a burden. Below are four tips to help organize a kitchen and host with ease, creating a functional space for family and friends to enjoy.Plan in advance Set aside time early in the week...
beautiful holiday table

Tips for setting the perfect holiday table

Every holiday season, you invest hours planning and preparing the perfect menu for each celebration you host. While easy and fun may be the name of the game for buffet-style events, when its a sit-down soiree, the delightful cuisine you produce deserves a presentation worthy of your efforts. A beautifully set table can elevate your holiday dinner from...
family watching tv in living room

Home smart home: Boost your home IQ with smart appliances

If you think a Jetsons-like home of the future is still a ways off, think again. Todays smart home is here offering simple ways for consumers to operate their home, adding the ultimate in efficiency, convenience and enjoyment. Its easier than you think to create a connected home that lets you operate devices throughout your kitchen, living room,...
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