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Increase comfort and lower energy bills for the warmer months

As the warm weather creeps in and the country heats up, now is the time for homeowners to make sure theyre doing their part to help increase comfort and reduce energy bills.From the exterior to the interior, the consideration of a few simple tips could mean the difference between a summer thats hot and expensive and a season thats comfortable and wont break the bank.A real "pane" — Use windows to your advantage. Turn off the HVAC if youre in... read more
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DIY done simple: 5 projects you can tackle in a weekend

This time of year was made for DIY projects. The weather is perfect, the projects have mounted, youve got the time and the motivation. Now if only you had the budget.Not to worry, DIY doesnt have to be synonymous with expensive! There are plenty of impactful DIY projects that can be tackled quickly and affordably in just a...
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Home innovations that protect against moisture

There is an insidious enemy that every homeowner dreads: moisture and the damage and degradation it can cause if left unchecked. Luckily, home improvement manufacturers have discovered new ways to prevent moisture from penetrating the home in the first place. With new home product innovations, there is no reason to suffer the costly and damaging effects of rain,...

3 easy ways to combat water damage in your walls and ceilings

Ask any homeowner what they dread the most when it comes to home ownership, and its likely to involve some type of undetected water damage that could result in mold and mildew in their walls and ceilings — and the problems that follow.Most water damage in homes is associated with pipes and appliances, especially those that are not...
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3 ways to personalize your home's curb appeal with an eye-catching front door

At its core, the desire to create a home with curb appeal is a desire to make a home uniquely ones own. After all, no matter how beautiful they are, rows of homes that look the same inherently fail to capture attention. Using personal touches, people want friends and family to know which home is theirs.Among the dozens...
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