Close-up of fire extinguisher in mud room

Fire away: Enhancing your home's safety with fire extinguishers

You check your alarms regularly and practice your family escape plan — but are you overlooking an essential component of home safety? Having fire extinguishers and knowing how to use them is an important part of maintaining a safe home for you and your family.In America, a fire starts in a residential home every 86 seconds and the rapid protection offered by fire extinguishers can make the difference between minor or insignificant damage and greater tragedy, said Tarsila Wey, director... read more
Laundry room with tons of cabinets

Upping your laundry room's wow factor

Doing the laundry is no longer relegated to dark, musty basements where no one cares to go. Thanks to modern technology, great design and access to innovative ideas online, laundry rooms have moved upstairs and come into their own. In fact, laundry rooms today are right up there with dream kitchens and dream bathrooms — and the more...
Hand spackling crack in wall above door frame corner.

Quick tips to prepare your home for holiday guests

As the holidays approach, the decorator in us gets excited about how to deck the halls and drape the tinsel to create a festive home for the season. Social media is full of inspiration, but before you embark on decorating projects, the following are a few easy ideas to ensure your home is as functional and welcoming as...
family playing football in the back yard

3 important areas to focus on when winterizing your home

From the holidays to cold-weather fun like ice skating and skiing, winter promises its share of good times. Preparing your home for winters weather extremes can help ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of the season, while protecting your homes vital systems and indoor comfort.Winter weather can take a toll on homes, so its important to...
side by side images of a old boot pipe and a new boot pipe

Two roof areas you can't afford to overlook this season

As summer gives way to changing colors and colder nights, now is an ideal time to tackle the necessary home maintenance projects that get put off during those sun-filled months – especially when it comes to one of the most protective and necessary aspects of any home, the roof. Cold weather can aggravate a roof and quickly turn...
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