close up of space age floatation tub with waterfall

2019: The year of the space-age home

In 2019, the space-age home will become a reality with modern innovations that are poised to change the way we think about luxury, elegance and comfort. Incorporating advanced technology into your home is essential when elevating its overall style, design and functionality.What better way to create a futuristic environment than by living like an astronaut in your own home. You can do exactly that with the new Flotation Tub with ZERO DIMENSION from TOTO. Made from proprietary Galaline man-made marble,... read more
lovely two-story house with snow all around and sold sign in the front yard

5 Homebuying Myths Debunked

You may not know everything about homebuying, but some things are simply common knowledge, right? Think again! Some facts about buying a home that seem obvious are actually myths.If you knew the truth, would that change your view of buying a home? Or lead you to consider doing it sooner than you had originally planned? Here are five common myths...
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