man outside smiling and using an older smart phone.

Old phone, new service? Upgrade your wireless with a SIM card swap

Americans are holding onto their smartphones for longer than ever. Pricier smartphones have led consumers to wait an average of nearly three years before upgrading their device. Fortunately, smartphones today are so good, and so powerful, that they simply dont need to be replaced nearly as often as in the past.But does holding onto your phone mean you also have to stick with your current wireless carrier? In many cases, the answer is no.Many smartphones connect to a carriers network... read more
on trend upscale outdoor fire pit

Trend Watch: 2019 outdoor living and design trends for every homeowner

Outdoor living continues to grow in 2019 as homeowners dream of adding spaces that provide tranquility, connection and touches of nature. More than just a home enhancement, these spaces are meant to inspire people to set digital devices aside and find moments of calm while making memories with friends and family.Now is the perfect time to plan updates...
Woman appling lipstick in bathroom mirror

3 tips to make your bathroom more inviting and functional

We tend to think of the bathroom strictly as a utilitarian space, and therefore not worthy of the same energy and expense put into designing spaces like the living room or kitchen. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, however. Its the room where we start and set intentions for our day. In the evening, the...
happy dad giving giggle toddler a bath in at older home

Top home improvement projects for older homes

Do you own an older home, and are you looking to make upgrades that matter? Strategic enhancements not only increase a property's resale value, but also its functionality.This is particularly important among young homebuyers. Sixty-eight percent of millennial homebuyers reported buyer's remorse, according to a Bank of the West survey. Today's high home prices in cities across the...
woman working with a child at a table

Parenting advice for strong relationships and a healthy house

Managing work-life balance as a parent comes with challenges, and with busy schedules for both parents and children, disruptions at the last minute can really take a toll on a family's everyday routine. This is especially true when a child has to take a sick day from school due to illness during cold and flu season. It's important...
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