termites on a wood board

Silent destroyers: Tips to spot termites and prevent infestation

There are many reasons that termites have gained the nickname "silent destroyers." Five billion reasons, in fact.Termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage in the U.S. each year. If left unchecked, they can silently chew through the structural stability of a home, eating away at wood, flooring and even wallpaper. To make matters worse, the damage they leave behind is not typically covered by most homeowners insurance policies.How to spot termitesSpring is prime time for termite populations as... read more
adult daughter talking with mother

Home sweet home: 5 ways to avoid a life-changing fall

Most of us who are aging hope to live comfortably and self-sufficiently at home well into our golden years. And, of course, we wish the same for our parents.The good news is advancements in healthcare and other technology are increasingly allowing aging Americans to live longer at home. The bad news is many are unable to continue to...
Toto toilet

High-tech home design trends to love

Technology is trending in home design and decor this year, and some of the most dramatic, futuristic and fun tech trends are showing up in the bathroom. From glass doors and windows changing from clear to opaque with the touch of a button to toilets transforming the whole experience of going to the loo, it's all about high-tech...
two woman hanging blinds

Tips to tackle 5 of the most satisfying DIY projects

Whats your favorite DIY project youve ever completed? Chances are the answer pops right into your mind, and even if youve completed hundreds of DIY projects over the years, you probably have some that truly stand out.For those that werent at the top of your list, maybe the result wasnt what you hoped for, the project wasnt particularly...
couple painting a staircase in their home

5 musts for a low-stress, on-budget DIY home project

Owning your own home is a life accomplishment for many adults, and keeping it looking sharp and adding your personal touches brings a sense of pride. It seems there are always things you want to improve, so dont let a limited budget or lack of know-how hold you back from dreaming. There are plenty of ways to enhance...
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