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Increase comfort and lower energy bills for the warmer months

As the warm weather creeps in and the country heats up, now is the time for homeowners to make sure theyre doing their part to help increase comfort and reduce energy bills.From the exterior to the interior, the consideration of a few simple tips could mean the difference between a summer thats hot and expensive and a season thats comfortable and wont break the bank.A real "pane" — Use windows to your advantage. Turn off the HVAC if youre in... read more
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The 411 on HVAC energy-efficiency ratings and terms

Whether youre looking to lower heating and cooling costs, or have a passion for protecting the environment, maximizing the energy efficiency of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is a smart move. The more energy efficient your system, the less youll spend running it every year, and the smaller your homes environmental footprint will be.Efficiency ratings are...
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Garage door industry issues consumer alert

A nationwide garage door repair scam has prompted the garage door industry to issue a national consumer alert. The industrys warning includes four short videos that describe the scam.We believe that hundreds of garage door and opener customers are victimized by these scammers every single day in America, said Bearge Miller, president of the Door and Access Systems...

Simple upgrades and habit changes can yield big water savings in bathrooms

Researchers predict that rising water prices could mean within five years a third of American households will not be able to pay their water bills, despite the replenishment of water reserves around the country.What's more, the National Weather Service warns that drought could increase or reoccur if the country experiences a period of sustained heat and dryness.Fortunately, there...

Install handrails for a safer home

The National Safety Council considers unintentional falls one of the leading causes of household accidents in the U.S. This trend is especially true among adults 65 and older with one in three experiencing an injury related fall each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fortunately, falls at home can be easily prevented by keeping...
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