woman with smart phone opening garage door

4 smart home improvements that pay off

These days, home upgrades are increasingly focused on one key feature: connectivity. In 2019, buyers want smart homes they can easily control from anywhere. From smart HVAC and sprinkler systems to connected garage door openers, its all about creating convenience and comfort.Here are four examples of smart home improvements that add value:1) Fully connected security systemsSecurity systems are nothing new, but the technology used to arm those systems is changing rapidly. Home security companies now offer fully connected systems that... read more
Hydro therapy tub

6 reasons to add hydrotherapy to your self-care routine

Unwind, relax and rejuvenate — these are the words associated with enjoying a warm bath. Bathing is an indulgence that has remained popular for centuries and is especially important today as you work to find balance in a fast-paced lifestyle.Hydrotherapy provides the perfect solution with innumerable benefits in self-care, wellness and general de-stressing. Here are some of the...
Quarrix roofing ridge roofing vents on the roof of a beatutiful home

Clearing the air: 5 facts to know when choosing new roofing

When choosing products and materials for a new roof, many homeowners focus mainly on color and what their shingles will look like next to their existing siding or brick.Naturally, aesthetics and curb appeal are important. But an even more crucial element of your new roof is the attic ventilation system.If your roofer doesn't install a well-designed ventilation system...
man checking oil in a lawn mower

Ready, set, mow: An easy 10-minute lawn mower tuneup

The incredible look of lush, green grass. The feel of soft lawn beneath your toes. The smell of the freshly cut yard on a warm sunny day. A healthy lawn starts with good maintenance and the most important step is mowing. Is your lawn mower ready to go?A lawn mower is an investment, and if you take a...
huge upscale home with tamko shingles

Money-saving tips about roof shingles

Replacing an aging or damaged roof is an important step in providing crucial protection from the damage the elements can dish out — from heat, wind and rain, to snow, sleet and hail. But homeowners may not realize that the type of roof shingle they choose can make a big difference, not only in the protection it offers...
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