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4 things you might not know about DIY home security

With the holiday season approaching, you may be thinking about giving your family the gift of home security — especially if you know youll be traveling over the holidays.A growing number of homeowners are turning to do-it-yourself smart home security systems to address their security concerns. Installing your own home security system can be well worth the investment; while the average system may cost hundreds of dollars to get started, monthly fees are low, and when a home security system... read more
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How to avoid cold weather woes

As sweater season knocks on the door, its time to prepare for the brisk temperatures ahead. This winter, keep your home, health and well-being top of mind with these simple tips to avoid cold weather woes.Winterize your porchInstall plexiglass panels to keep the cold weather out, allowing you to host friends and family, protect your furniture from snowfall...
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4 DIY projects to improve the visual appeal of your home

If you love a good DIY project, then the beautiful weather of the spring and summer marked the perfect time to tackle all of your outdoor goals. Yes, these were the good times, but since then, the weather has shifted and cooler temperatures have arrived. So, is now the time to shelve your DIY aspirations for the rest...
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Winterize your home now for comfort all throughout winter

While temperatures across the country are still mild, major snow fall in some parts of the country has given some Americans a bitter taste of what to expect this winter. Depending on where you live, winter may mean cooler, rainy days or lake-effect snow with four feet of the white stuff at your door.Every fall, homeowners across the...
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Home cleaning routines for allergy relief

Many people turn to nasal sprays and antihistamines to combat seasonal nasal allergies or hay fever, but keeping the home clean to combat allergens, pollen and dust mite debris is just as important in the fight against allergies.Vacuum often, and with the right filters and bagsOne key to minimizing allergens at home is to vacuum at least twice...
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