man changing car tire in the snow

1 in 5 drivers can't fix a flat tire. Can you?

For many Americans, fixing a flat tire remains a mystery. According to a survey from AAA, nearly 20 percent of U.S. drivers dont know how to change a flat. This is compounded by research saying there are 220 million flat tires annually — and each driver will experience up to five flat tires in their lifetime.Before hitting the road, study up on these flat-tire-fixing hacks and build up the confidence to complete this all-American road test:Be spared: Spare tires are... read more
truck driving down the road on a snowy day

Improving visibility on the road this winter

As winter progresses, we are likely to see more visibility-reducing weather. Heavy rain, frost, ice and snow can all impair visibility while driving, including reducing the performance of windshield wipers.Reduced visibility can quickly turn your drive into a stressful situation, especially when you have your precious cargo in the backseat. The notoriously unpredictable weather during the colder months...
car driving in the snow

5 cold-weather hacks for winter driving

As drivers bundle up to take on Old Man Winter this season, having a few tricks up your sleeve can be a big help in keeping your cool on the road. Here are five hacks for battling the elements and staying safe on the roads.Got stuck? Snow problem! Hazardous winter weather requires that drivers take additional precautions. According...
man in a car using a laptop on the side of the road in the winter

Hitting the road? Stay connected on the go

Traveling but worried about being disconnected? Dont worry, you arent alone. In fact, plenty of other road warriors are making sure their devices are packed and ready to go so they wont miss a beat.Intel(R) recently conducted a survey with YouGov to learn more about the tips and tricks connected road warriors use to keep up with email,...
boy and dad working in a clean garage workshop

Survey: Messy garages stand in the way of Americans pursuing their passions

Americans would love more time to pursue hobbies theyre passionate about, and time-drains like disorganized garages are a big obstacle to doing the activities they enjoy, according to a new survey conducted by Gladiator and Kelton Global.Eighty-four percent of Americans surveyed would like more time for their passions, and nearly 40 percent said a lack of time was...
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