Man caring for his mower and cutting the lawn in the Spring

Don't be left behind - 3 tips to prep for spring

Warmer weather means not only saying goodbye to the tough winter conditions your car or truck has endured, but also getting your vehicles — and outdoor power equipment — ready for the changing seasons. This is a great opportunity to get outside and tend to the vital cleaning and maintenance that the machines you rely on need to function well year-round.1. Clean it. Whether were talking about your car, truck or outdoor power equipment, like your lawnmower, it could use... read more
Emily Sutton, meteorologist and storm chaser for KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City

Your partners along the road: A look at some of the winter warriors who help to keep you safe while driving in the winter

On any given snowy morning as you're making your way through rush-hour traffic, a legion of winter warriors has already been hard at work to help make sure you get where you're going safely. Below is a closer look at some of these winter warriors and what you might not know about those keeping you going this winter.Salt...
Professional driver driving car in the rain

Enjoying the benefits of living life on the edge

It's a simple question that's difficult to answer: What makes you feel exhilarated every single day? For too many people the response is nothing. In fact, research shows that 81 percent of people worldwide said they fail to feel exhilarated on a daily basis.Are you one of them?From work and obligations to the daily grind, there are many...
Woman swinging a bat at a Pinata and a Toyota corolla in background

5 tips for your next road trip

Are you planning a classic American road trip? With a tank of gas, the right attitude and some smart supplies, you can explore amazing locales on a budget."The great American road trip is still very much alive, and were not just talking long endurance cross-country trips. Places you can go from your own hometown and return on just...
family driving a used car

10 smart guidelines for buying a used car

Buying a used car can be a great decision. Oftentimes, that's where you'll find a deal. On the other hand, you've got to make sure there won't be any surprises.Before you hit the car lot, take some time to prepare for the purchase. These guidelines will help you make a wise decision on a used vehicle that works...
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