Instilling garage logic in your kids

It’s a long-standing tradition performed at the workbench of American garages — passing garage logic to the next generation. From hammering that first nail to changing a car’s oil, the garage is a living laboratory where parents teach their kids life lessons, self-reliance and problem-solving skills. It can even be an incubator where the seeds of a future profession grow.Today, instilling that larger vision requires a break from the small screen. Too often, smartphones and video games dominate the attention... read more
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What you should know about rising interest rates

Homeowners planning to refinance and buyers searching for a home may have an idea of whats in store for them with regards to interest rates, but they never really know until they lock in a rate. Rates can change direction fast, and when they rise—as they have recently—it can cost borrowers a great deal of money and time.The...
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