Granduate in cap and gown receiving keys to a car

4 tips to help college grads buy the perfect vehicle

Congratulations, college graduates! Youre all set to enter the job market, but do you have what it takes to get to and from interviews or work? It might be time to move on from worn-out, hand-me-down vehicles for your fresh start in life.Safety ratings and affordability are important considerations when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, but you should also know that youll need to budget for additional costs in your monthly expenses once you become an owner, said The... read more
Penske truck at EV charging station

The future of commercial trucking: Your favorite goods now delivered using alternative fuel

Think about it: The food you purchased at the grocery store and cook for dinner tonight might have come from other locations around the world. Your clothes bought online might come from a manufacturing plant across the country. That package sitting outside in your entryway when you get home from work could have traveled coast-to-coast before arriving at...
man checking oil in a lawn mower

Ready, set, mow: An easy 10-minute lawn mower tuneup

The incredible look of lush, green grass. The feel of soft lawn beneath your toes. The smell of the freshly cut yard on a warm sunny day. A healthy lawn starts with good maintenance and the most important step is mowing. Is your lawn mower ready to go?A lawn mower is an investment, and if you take a...
man loosening a bolt with a wrench

That Crescent Wrench in Your Toolbox Might be an Impostor

When you think of a list of the most common tools — tools that you start using as a kid and become part of your toolbox everywhere life takes you after that — its probably got five or six must-haves. That list would likely include a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, saw and a Crescent wrench. All immediately recognizable....
car driving down the road

Tips for an epic summer road trip

The heat is almost on so nows the time to plan for a cool summer road trip. Whether youre going with friends or family, near or far, theres nothing like hitting the road for an epic summer trip. National parks, the coast, big cities, Main Street USA and fun/silly tourist destinations are all waiting. The road is yours.Once...
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