What's next in outdoor living? Top 10 trends for 2020

Outdoor screened living area with furniture and fireplace

Mixed Materials

2020 is the year to mix it up. Add visual interest to an outdoor space by mixing materials such as concrete and composite, wicker and aluminum, copper and stone. Integrate these nature-inspired materials through furnishing and decorative accents.

beautiful modern style railing on deck

Industrial Inspiration

Homeowners are increasingly finding inspiration for their outdoor spaces in commercial settings, like upscale hotels and restaurants. Outdoors, this trend is manifesting in sleek, modern, industrial inspired railing styles, such as Trex Signature Railing.

Cladding on the side of a modern style home


Cladding is growing in popularity across the country. In addition to adding modern curb appeal, it provides a protective rainscreen. For those seeking the aesthetics of wood without the constant upkeep, composite cladding offers a high-performance, low-maintenance alternative.

outdoor kitchen with stove oven and grill on tile patio with pergala

Outdoor Kitchens

As the foodie phenomenon thrives, outdoor kitchens continue to evolve. Picture fully appointed culinary centers complete with specialty appliances such as smokers and pizza ovens — all housed in stylish all-weather cabinetry. Pictured here is the new Trex Outdoor Kitchens collection, featuring stainless steel cabinetry solutions in color and style options that rival interior spaces.

vertical garden using trex decking for flower boxes

Vertical Gardens

Among the biggest trends for 2020 is natural greenery. Installing a vertical garden or ‘living wall’ outside your home can give you plenty of extra space for growing your favorite plants while also serving as an attractive, artful addition to your deck.

Fire feature in backyard of home

Fire Features

Fire features will be ‘hot’ this season. Integrate fire pots, such as those in the new Trex Outdoor Fire & Water collection, to create a cozy gathering spot — or combine in a series to provide an ambient boundary for larger outdoor areas.

stone water feature in backyard

Soothing Water

The soothing sound of trickling water conjures calm and can set a relaxed tone and atmosphere. Add a water feature to your outdoor oasis for a charming focal point that can help tie together an entire landscape.

Creative privacy in backyard featuring outdoor livingroom and bar area with vine-covered pergala

Create Privacy

Smaller outdoor spaces will benefit from big imaginations and innovations in 2020. Inspired by home improvement TV and magazines, look for design-savvy, yet space-constrained homeowners to employ inventive uses of screening, fencing, all-weather curtains and lattice to maximize area and privacy in creative ways.

Outdoor bonus space with livingroom tucked under deck and access to near by pool

Bonus Space

If you have a raised deck, there is undoubtedly some open space underneath. Turn this into bonus living space by installing a deck drainage system. Designed to divert water away from a deck, the Trex RainEscape creates a dry space beneath an elevated deck to create another spot for relaxing and entertainment.

open outdoor living area on deck with pergala

Year-Round Retreats

Homeowners are investing in elements to extend the use of their outdoor spaces. Pergolas and patio umbrellas offer shady respite on hot, sunny days. When the temperatures drop, heating features, cozy throws and protective screens provide welcomed warmth.

The appeal of the great outdoors has never been greater with homeowners across the country investing more time and money than ever before in their outdoor spaces. Following are 10 trends that will influence outdoor living this season.

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