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3D printing is reimagining the way you see your bathroom

When additive manufacturing technology — better known as 3D printing — was first invented more than 30 years ago it was intended to make the product design and manufacturing process more efficient. At that time, 3D printing was used primarily as a way to create prototypes to validate and perfect product design, but the inventor, Chuck Hull, had no idea how it would change the way we live.Today, 3D printing has evolved beyond product prototypes only used by industrial designers... read more
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Simple steps to a clean bathroom - no elbow grease required

With cold and flu season just around the corner you might think there isn't much you can do to prepare for the inevitable aches and achoos. A few small changes in your routine and at home can go a long way toward keeping you and your family healthy all season long.Tidy toilet bowlsThe toilet can be a breeding...
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Integrate accessories for added luxury

Accessories bring a sense of purpose into a space and, with thoughtful selection, can transform a room into an elevated experience. When used creatively and in unexpected ways, they add the perfect finishing touch to a space and can transform the overall aesthetic and design. From hardware to purposefully placed décor, integrate accessories artfully and functionally to achieve...
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10 stylish ways to an eco-friendly home

You want your home to be comfortable, functional and a stylish reflection of your personal tastes. You also want to be responsible in resource use, such as water consumption.Fortunately, achieving one of these goals doesn't mean sacrificing the other. You can enjoy comfort, functionality, style, as well as water efficiency by taking a few simple steps and considering...
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Your complete guide to selecting the right toilet for your family

When it comes to shopping for a new toilet, there are many features and styles to consider. To meet the needs of your family and guests, its worth taking the time to find a toilet that delivers high-performance, optimum functionality and matches your bathroom space.Here is an easy guide that will walk you through what to consider. Read...
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