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10 stylish ways to an eco-friendly home

You want your home to be comfortable, functional and a stylish reflection of your personal tastes. You also want to be responsible in resource use, such as water consumption.Fortunately, achieving one of these goals doesn't mean sacrificing the other. You can enjoy comfort, functionality, style, as well as water efficiency by taking a few simple steps and considering high performance, eco-friendly plumbing products.Convert to a high-efficiency toilet (HET)Today's high-efficiency toilets work better than older toilets while using less water, just... read more
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Your complete guide to selecting the right toilet for your family

When it comes to shopping for a new toilet, there are many features and styles to consider. To meet the needs of your family and guests, its worth taking the time to find a toilet that delivers high-performance, optimum functionality and matches your bathroom space.Here is an easy guide that will walk you through what to consider. Read...
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Remake your bathroom with these luxurious hotel-inspired trends

Life can get hectic. While it is easy to become overwhelmed with busy schedules and everyday challenges, it is important to carve out personal time for relaxation and renewal. The practice of self-care and personal wellness is becoming a trend on the rise.To incorporate this trend into your daily routine, take a page from the luxury hotel playbook....
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Before you renovate, have you considered this?

Home improvement projects are popular this time of year and youve certainly tackled your share of DIY to-dos in the past. But not this year. This year you realize its time to go big, to go bold, to set aside those traditional home improvement projects for another year and do something even bigger.Yes, this year, its time to...
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5 tips for a bathroom worthy of any man cave

Every guy wants his own man cave, right? But an amazing bathroom is rarely part of that equation. Instead, too many men see a bathroom for its functionality when it could be about luxury, too. Why can't you have both?It is possible to create a bathroom worthy of every modern gent and the tips below will show you...
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