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5 ways to create big luxury in a small master bathroom

If youre thinking about remodeling your small bathroom, you may know that studies show updating a bathroom of any size can increase the value of a home. However, theres a statistic from a Houzz survey you might not know: 75 percent of people who renovate a master bathroom dont make it bigger.Enlarging a small master bathroom is often impractical; you may need to take space from another room, or extend an exterior wall to accomplish an expansion. Both options have... read more
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How to perfectly light a bathroom for beauty, function and safety

Good lighting is important throughout a home, and each room has different lighting needs. Kitchens require overhead and task lighting, while bedrooms and dining rooms can benefit from variable illumination. However, no room in the house requires more layers and nuances of lighting than the bathroom, where lighting directly influences the rooms efficiency, utility, safety and beauty.Upgrading lighting...
KOHLER Veil Intelligent Wall-Hung Toilet

Rethinking bathroom design

As homeowners begin to dream up plans to update their kitchens and bathrooms, they can spend hours searching for inspiration on the web or one of the many home renovation television shows. Theres no shortage of beautiful ideas and designs out there, but before you make any decision, you should start with the crucial question: What is it...
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6 must-know kitchen and bathroom design trends

Many homeowners today wonder how they can turn their bathrooms or kitchens into something worthy of making the rounds on Pinterest or Instagram. As more people want to give their home a personal and stylish touch, home decorating and interior design is hotter than ever, and the possibilities are seemingly limitless.The only problem is that making up your...
Milled from long-submerged cypress logs, RE-CO BKLYN used live-edge slabs of sinker cypress, to make a handsome dining table and matching bench.

Natural selection: Live-edge wood in home design

Live-edge hardwood, in which the sides of the slab are left unmilled to retain the natural profile of the tree trunk, is an increasingly popular decorative trend in todays residential interiors. The technique is not only used for pieces of standalone furniture such as tables and benches but also for built-in elements like shelving, mantles, counter tops, bars...
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