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Before you renovate, have you considered this?

Home improvement projects are popular this time of year and youve certainly tackled your share of DIY to-dos in the past. But not this year. This year you realize its time to go big, to go bold, to set aside those traditional home improvement projects for another year and do something even bigger.Yes, this year, its time to renovate.Whether your plans include renovating one room, a floor or your entire home, theres no denying that a renovation project greatly increases... read more
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5 tips for a bathroom worthy of any man cave

Every guy wants his own man cave, right? But an amazing bathroom is rarely part of that equation. Instead, too many men see a bathroom for its functionality when it could be about luxury, too. Why can't you have both?It is possible to create a bathroom worthy of every modern gent and the tips below will show you...
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Are you doing enough to stay protected against germs?

When it comes to avoiding germs, some people take it to an extreme. They are fastidious about using a paper towel to avoid touching the door in a public bathroom, wipe down every square inch of an airplane seat and can hardly go 15 minutes without re-sanitizing their hands. Some habits, like using your foot to flush the...
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How to prep your home for a new addition to the family

Whether its a baby or pet, a new addition to the family calls for new, unexpected responsibilities, and is bound to come with adjustments for every member of the family. While it would be silly to guarantee zero stress for the new family environment, below are tips for a transition with more playtime and fewer headaches to help...
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Changing addresses? 10 tips for busy baby boomers

For many Americans, moving households represents a fresh start and a chance to improve quality of life. Last year, some 39.4 million Americans changed residences, thanks in part to better affordability in the housing market.That doesnt mean, however, that everyones moving process was friction-free. The logistical coordination and the physical work involved with DIY packing and loading can...
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